Five Things You Can do About Night Terrors in Children


Night terrors are just that; terrifying. However, they’re usually more terrifying for parents than for children. While the occasional nightmare is perfectly normal, if your child experiences frequent nightmares that leave them inconsolable, it’s likely night terrors. Your child will not experience any long-lasting negative effects or health issues to do these difficult night terrors, but you can do something to help.

Don’t Wake Your Child

Experts agree that waking your child in the midst of a night terror is not a wise solution. Children are in a deep cycle of sleep and it’s difficult to wake them at this point. Additionally, they’ll be disoriented and confused and it will take far longer to settle them at this point.

Wait it Out

The best thing you can do for your child when he or she experiences night terrors is wait it out. It will end eventually, and your job is to ensure your child does not injure herself in the middle of her terror. Sit with her to make sure she doesn’t fall off the bed or knock things on top of herself when she’s trashing about.

Reduce Stress

While there is no way to know why some kids suffer from night terrors and no medical proof of what causes them, it has been noted in several medical studies that night terrors are more common in children with stressful lives. You can help ease your child’s likelihood of experiencing night terrors by lessening the stress in their lives.

Create a Bedtime Routine

When kids have a predictable routine at night, they are less likely to have night terrors. Create an easy to follow routine your kids can work with. Try taking baths, reading books, brushing teeth and singing or praying or telling a story while you tuck your kids into bed around the same time each night. Your kids will go to bed comfortable and happy, and less likely to have night terrors.

Make Kids Rest

Overly tired children are also more likely to experience night terrors than children who sleep adequately. Your child needs a minimum of 9 to 10 hours sleep each night. Make sure you create a routine that makes this a habit and you can prevent the likelihood of night terrors from occurring.

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