Five Parenting Tips you Can Learn from the Animal Kingdom


Who says you can’t learn something new every day? I actually say – well, my grandmother says – that we should all make it a point to learn something new every single day, because let’s face it; none of us knows everything and it’s not even possible for us to know everything (sorry know-it-alls). Learning something new is remarkable and humbling, and today it’s going to make you feel pretty silly because we are going to learn some very valuable parenting skills – from animals. That’s right. We are going to learn some lessons that will help us as parents to better raise our kids and these lessons are straight from the animal kingdom, so go ahead and sit back and prepare for some hardcore lessons in life courtesy of the wild animals that you had no idea are actually a bit more enlightened than some us of when it comes to parenting.

Socialization is Key

Animals know that they have to socialize their babies if they want them to grow, learn and succeed, and that’s what real parents sometimes forget. Some parents are so terrified of socialization and germs and other things they never take their kids out and introduce them to life.

Make Them Learn for Themselves

Kids need to learn for themselves, sometimes. And that’s what animals tend to teach their young. They teach them to feed themselves and care for themselves and be brave. We can all learn this lesson for our kids safety and their own development.

Don’t Hover

Hovering is never going to teach your kids anything other than the fact that you will always be there to fix their problems. Since this is so not what you want to teach your kids, it’s time to go ahead and stop hovering and let them make mistakes they can learn from.

Bonding is Important

Most animals bond right away with their young, and that is something we should do as parents. We should use the early days to forge an unbreakable bond with our young so that we have that forever.

Your Babies are So Important

Animals of most breeds will do anything for their young, and it’s something that many parents have forgotten. These animals give birth and instantly know that their young are the most important things in their lives, and some parents don’t get that memo.

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images


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