Five Great Craft Ideas for Kids


Kids and crafts are always a fun combination, especially during the summer months when the kids are home from school and the days are longer. Keeping the kids entertained is not only necessary for your sanity – and the prevention of the dreaded phrase, I’m Bored – but for your kids’ growth and development as well. Then let’s talk about the joy of seeing your child engaged and learning. Finding the right toy that sparks their imagination is key. When I clicked on explore a world of fun and learning, I was amazed at the options available. It’s wonderful to have a resource that combines fun with educational value. Spending quality time with them making crafts is a fun and exciting way to forge a special bond with your little ones.

Snowman Paint

So snowmen aren’t for the summer, but that doesn’t matter. Shivery snow paint is a fun craft for kids to make. All you need is shaving cream, white glue and a little iridescent glitter. You can add some peppermint extract to the mixture if you want to add a little scent. First you will want to refrigerate your glue and shaving cream overnight. Take it out in the morning and mix equal parts glue and shaving cream, and as much glitter as you want. Let it sit for approximately 10 minutes. Hand your kids some paint brushes and paper and let them make beautiful, sparkly, puffy art!

Bath Time Fun

You can make this little craft two different types of fun. First, grab a few plastic ice cube trays, some water and some food coloring. Pour water into ice cube trays and let your kids add their favorite color food coloring to each cube. Freeze the cubes completely and then let your kids play with them in the bathtub later on. It’ll be fun for them to see the ice melting as they bathe!

Splatter Artwork

Rainy days are no fun; especially during the summer. The kids feel cooped up in the house and you might feel a little crazed. What you’ll need are a few pieces of white paper, some food coloring and the ability to get a little wet. Put the kids raincoats and boots on and head outside. Lay their paper on the ground and let them pour food coloring all over it and watch as the rain makes artwork out of their food coloring. Take it a step further by letting the paint dry after the rain and letting your kids frame their masterpieces.

Color Carnations

Everyone has access to a few plain white carnation flowers. Buy a handful of them and a few test tubes – or really tall shot glasses. Explain to your kids that flowers drink water to live, and that water travels up their stems. Let them see how it works – and create a beautiful bouquet – by putting a flower in each test tube (with a stem long enough to reach almost the bottom) and adding a few drops of food coloring to each tube. Fill each tube with a different color and watch for a day or two as the white flowers slowly begin to change color! Kids love this craft project.

Dish Art

With so many holidays each year for parents and grandparents and teachers, it only makes sense to let your kids make their own little gifts. When you’re feeling a little bored, head to the dollar store and buy a few plain white glass plates and some colorful sharpies. Let your kids make art all over the plates. When they’re finished, bake the plates at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. When they come out of the oven, the artwork will not come off. It makes a cute gift for a grandparent or teacher, and a fun project for parents and their children.

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