Five Great Care Package Ideas While Your Kids are at Camp


There’s something so bittersweet about sending the kids to camp for a few weeks during the summer. You get a few weeks of peace and quiet and a house free of squabbling and the perpetual, “I’m boooooored,” from your kids. However, you still miss them. Their sweet faces and witty personalities absent from the house a few weeks is a little lonely. Fortunately, they’ll be home before you know it. Until then, satisfy yourself by sending them a care package or two to let them know you’re thinking of them while they’re off having the time of their lives.

Small Packages

Some parents choose to send one big package. Instead, send your child one or two smaller packages every week so that there is always something in the mail for him or her. Fill it with his or her favorite things, sweet treats or whatever you think is fun and/or enjoyable. It’s something that will make your kids think of you and know you’re thinking of them.


Books are a great summer camp care package inclusion. You might think that your kids are too busy to read, but book lovers are always looking for a little downtime to relax, even when they’re busy socializing. Send your child the newest book from their favorite series to score major brownie points. You can even send a new eReader for your older child to enjoy along with a gift card to use to download new books.

Pamper Package

If you have a daughter, she might enjoy a pampering package at camp. This could include anything from a new loofah to a bottle of her favorite body wash, lip gloss, deodorant, breath mints, a new toothbrush and some bug spray. You can include some new flip flops (rubber for showering) and even a new towel or swimsuit. It’s a great package that shows you care.

Outdoor Fun

Sometimes a little fun is all you need to include in a box. For this great care package idea, fill a box with Frisbees, pool floats, river rafts, a badminton game and a few other ideas that make for fun outdoor activity time. This will allow your child to have some downtime during less busy periods of the day while away at camp.

Love Letters

Something that’s sweet and fun is a care package full of love letters. Write a letter to your child each and every day he or she is away and save that letter for your care package. Have everyone in the house (plus grandparents and friends and other family members) do the same thing and mail all of them to your child at one time in a big box. If that doesn’t scream, “I love you,” nothing does.

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