Father’s Day: What Not to Say to a Dad

In honor of the fast approaching Father’s Day holiday, it seemed like a good idea to pay tribute to all the great dads out there by letting the masses know what not to say to a dad. First and foremost, happy almost Father’s Day to the stand up guys out there who love, take care of, and respect their children (my husband and father and our close friends and family…I’m talking to you, too). After asking around, here are the three things you shouldn’t say to dads.

Oh…No, No, Do it This Way

Dads aren’t the big idiots so many of us want to think they are (please note: I am not calling any good dad an idiot – I’m merely stating that sometimes we mothers think we are the superior diaper changers, feeders, and dinner makers and dads are only second best. Sometimes it’s true, sometimes it’s not.). Dads don’t like hearing other people tell them they’re caring for their own children incorrectly. Whether you are his wife, daughter, mother, sister, neighbor, or friend – don’t tell a dad he should do it this way. He may not do it your way, but that doesn’t make it the wrong way (boy does that take some getting used to).

Babysitting Your Kids, Huh?

I’m talking to EVERYONE when I say that when a father is alone with his children while mom is out, it is NOT called babysitting. I hear moms, dads, and others say that all the time and my husband and I are always shocked. No one asks mom if she’s on babysitting duty when she’s out with the kids. Dad’s not on babysitting duty either. He’s on parenting duty. He’s the dad; not the babysitter. It’s called parenting.

Remember When You Didn’t Have Kids and Life Was More Fun

It might be something you hear and see a lot on television, but not all dads miss being single guys without dirty diapers to worry about (of course, all parents occasionally long for the days they could run errands without worrying about dirty diapers or screaming children, but it is par for the course). Most dads love being dads and they couldn’t imagine life without their kids, so don’t ask.


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