Family Men Share Their 3 Biggest Daddy Secrets

What really happens when you decide to start a family, become pregnant and welcome your first child into the world? Truthfully, the answer is different for all involved. You probably know that things are going to change, including your marriage. However, a lot of soon-to-be dads are worried about how marriage is going to change. They worry that you won’t love them as much when the baby arrives and they worry that your marriage will take a backseat to parenthood. Here are three things new dads want other men to know about what happens to marriage after baby arrives and the couple turns into a family.

You Become More Confident

It’s amazing how much more confident a couple feels once they welcome their first baby. Of course, not all couples feel this way but most of them do feel closer, more mature, and more confident in their relationship and marriage than they did before baby arrived. Perhaps it is the reality of finally becoming a family that sets in and makes everything feel as if it has fallen into place.

Quality Time is Few and Far Between

With a new baby in the house, quality time is not quite as abundant as it was in the past. When you get some quality time with your wife, make the most of it. Take advantage of your parents and siblings to watch your little one for a few hours every so often so you can have your wife all to yourself for a few hours.

You’ll Fall Deeper in Love

The minute you see your wife with your new baby, you will fall in love with her all over again. Watching her transform from a beautiful woman into a beautiful mother is a life-changing experience that will leave you in awe. What she’s done is incredible, and what you’ll do together is amazing.


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