Examining School Uniforms Pros and Cons


The debate over whether or not children should be required to wear uniforms to school is not a new one. Children have their opinions, teachers have their opinions and parents have their own opinions. However, while no one is right or wrong in their opinion, there are definite pros and cons to wearing school uniforms. You may not yet have considered some of the pros and/or cons to school uniforms but here are a few.

Pros – All for School Uniforms

School uniforms mean moms and dads don’t have to worry about getting a phone call from a teacher informing them that their kids’ shorts/skirts are too short and against school dress code policy. Additionally, parents don’t have to wonder whether or not their kids’ clothes are appropriate before they leave the house.

Another pro all for school uniforms is the fact that kids whose parents may not be able to afford designer, name brand clothing will not have to go to school feeling self-conscious of their generic clothing, their hand-me-downs or the fact that they never have the coolest, latest, most popular clothing and apparel.

Additionally, when kids have to wear uniforms to school, it can stop bullies. Those who might have a particular style that isn’t in tune with what bullies consider cool can actually avoid being bullied since their bullies have no ammunition wearing the exact same clothes.

Getting ready in the morning is going to be much faster when your kids already know every single day of the school year what they’ll wear. Finally, it’s much easier to shop for new school clothes when they’re all the same.

Cons – No School Uniforms

Many people feel that school uniforms stifle children’s personality. They feel that wearing a uniform makes them feel they have to conform to the standards of everyone else. It doesn’t foster individuality. Some families also feel that uniforms provide an unnecessary financial burden. If they cannot afford to buy new school clothes, they won’t do it. However, if their kids need uniforms, they have no choice and it can weigh heavily on a parent with limited financial means.

Another of the pros against school uniforms lies in individual expression. Since kids aren’t allowed to express themselves at school through their clothing, some might go as far as to find other ways to express their individuality such as obtaining tattoos or piercings that parents would prefer they do not have.

While the debate is not a new one, there are always two sides to every story. There are pros and cons in any situation, and it is no different in schools.

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