Every Little Girl Needs to Know This

If you are the parent of a little girl, you have big hopes and dreams for her. You hope that she grows up to become a compassionate, kind, generous woman. You hope she has good morals and stands up for her beliefs. You hope she has the confidence to succeed, the ability to laugh at herself and you hope that she finds a career she is passionate about. You probably also hope that she falls madly in love with a wonderful man, marries and gives you a couple of the most gorgeous grandchildren alive (and they will be, because they’re yours, of course).

If you do not teach your little girl to respect herself, to believe in herself and how to distinguish between a gentleman and a poor choice, she might find herself living a life that isn’t quite what you pictured as far as her happiness goes. Here are three things you need to teach your daughter’s about men and falling in love.

A Man Who Invests

It is imperative that you teach your daughter the difference between a man who invests in her and one who spends his money on her. You don’t want her to mistake the man who buys her love for the one who invests his love in her. That’s not to say a man who spends money on her isn’t a good man, it’s just a warning that the most important thing he should spend on her is time making her happy and fulfilling her dreams.

Lust vs. Love

There’s a big difference between a man who loves your daughter and one who lusts after her. Sure, physical attraction is important when it comes to love, but there’s nothing more attractive that true love. A man who is in lust wants one thing; a man who is in love wants everything.


If there is one thing that every little girl deserves, it’s to grow up and find happiness with a person who respects her. He should respect her decisions, her opinions and her beliefs. He should be able to carry on a debate without belittling her or getting angry with her. He should support her, believe in her and make sure she knows she’s respected.


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