End Homework Battles Once And For All With These Tips

Homework battles are a nightmare for both children and parents.  But they don’t have to take over every weeknight.  There are some strategies that you can use to end homework battles once and for all.

Homework is a reality of life for children and their parents so it makes sense to have a plan in place.  If you have a plan in place then the chances of homework battles are much lower.

A homework plan is exactly what it says it is.  It is a plan for your child’s homework.  It includes where and when they will do their homework each evening.  This prevents your child from arguing with you over when they will do their homework because there is already a set time when they will do homework.  The same principle holds true with where they will do their homework at.  If you have a rule that they will always do their homework at the kitchen table, then there is no reason to discuss the subject.  While your child may try to negotiate with you on occasion concerning these issues, if you stay consistent, they will quickly learn that there is no point in discussing the subject.

Sometimes homework battles crop up because your child feels overwhelmed or confused by their homework.  It is always good to be available to help your child when they do their homework.  Try to do something nearby while they are working so that you are available for questions.  Explain that you will not do their homework for them but you will help them to figure out whatever has them stumped.  The stress level of many children is significantly lower when they have a supportive parent nearby if they need help.

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