How to Effectively Reduce Your Child’s Screen Time


Kids are in front of screens all the time anymore. They’re in front of the television, the smart phone, and the tablet. It’s okay when they’re in the midst of entertaining themselves mid-flight or while you’re in the car, and even when they’re engaging in educational screen time. However, children today spend far too much time in front of electronics and it’s hindering their imagination. We need to get our kids up and moving. We need to get them outside to play. We need to foster creative thinking, imagination and healthy levels of activity in lieu of a sedentary lifestyle spent playing games and watching television. So we have a few suggestions that are going to help your electronics-loving kid get up, get moving and get outside so that he or she can get some exercise and some fresh air. It’s amazing what that can do for us in a positive light.

Challenge the Kids

Do you have a basketball hoop or a yard and a ball? Challenge the kids to a game of something fun and interactive and watch as they hop up and get going. If you have to bribe them a bit with a winner gets to pick dessert kind of deal, so be it. It gets them up and moving.

Sign Your Kids up for Sports

Your kids need to be on a team doing something fun and engaging. Not only does a sport encourage your kids to meet new people with the same interests and get some exercise, it also teaches them the importance of teamwork and communication. And it limits the amount of time they have to spend in front of the screen.

Model Moderate Screen Behavior

If your kids see you walking around with your face pressed to an electronic or watching television all day long, they’re going to want to do the same. Exercise a physical lifestyle and good health by getting up and being a bit more productive. Kids learn from what they see.

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