Don’t Raise a Bully

Bullying is something we’ve all heard about. It’s in the news all the time. Gay men are having hate words keyed into their cars and their windows smashed. Children are being called stupid, fat, and ugly and then going home and killing themselves. Bullying is not a joke. It’s an epidemic that we have to put a stop to. I recently witnessed a parent say she felt bad for kids who are bullied, but that she’d rather raise a bully than a wimp. I was appalled that it never once crossed her mind to say she’d rather raise a child who is kind and respectful. As parents, it’s our job to make sure we do exactly that. We need to stop raising bullies.

Why Do Kids Bully?

Kids bully for a variety of reasons. Some do it because they see their parents doing it and kids learn by example, plain and simple. Others do it because it makes them feel good when they make someone else feel bad. The truth is, it doesn’t matter why kids bully others. What matters is that they don’t.

How Do You Stop it?

You have to start young. You have to start instilling good values in your kids from day one. Teach them kindness and respect, but more importantly; show them kindness and respect. Don’t allow them to see you bully or treat others poorly. Only allow them to see you treating others kindly. Treat them kindly. What kids see you do is what they will do.
Talk To Them

You have to talk to your kids about bullying. You have to teach them it’s wrong, and why. You have to tell them what happens to bullies and kids who are bullied. You have to make them understand that there are consequences for their actions.


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