The Correct Way To Handle It When You Dislike A Friend Of Your Child’s

Most parents have found themselves in the situation when they dislike a friend of their child’s at one time or another.  It can be difficult to deal with that situation.  Most of us want to give in to the urge to forbid our child to spend time with that friend any more but that is not always the wisest decision.  It can make our child’s friend seem more important to be friends with just because they are off limits to them.  It can also rob our child of the experience to learn some valuable life lessons.  So what should you do when you dislike a friend of your child’s?

Since cutting their contact can backfire, try an approach of watchful waiting when you dislike a friend of your child’s.  Chances are, if you dislike a friend of your child’s, they will eventually come to that conclusion, too.  While it isn’t wise to completely cut contact, you might scale it back a bit.  Instead of volunteering to do play dates, only do so if your child asks you to.

Encourage your child to make and spend time with other friends.  Sometimes a bad friendship will simply phase out if we allow it to run it’s course.  If that does not seem to be the case, you may just have to be available to your child when the friendship does fall apart.  Be available and willing to advise your child if they begin to see the true colors of their bad choice in friendship.

Of course, any time that you feel your child’s friend crosses the line and mistreats your child, you may have to handle the situation differently.  However, if that is the case, you still need to have good communication with your child. Helping them to see what you are seeing is the goal in that situation.  And chances are that your child will eventually see their friend for what they really are.  True colors have a way of coming out.

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