Having Dinner Together At The Kitchen Table Is Good For Your Children

Having dinner together is really good for your family unit.  Children benefit from it, especially because they need that time with their parents where they can share things about their day and talk to their parents.

It is very difficult to have dinner together with as busy as people are in today’s times.  It seems everyone is going different ways all of the the time.  One or both parents work and kids have activities that they have to be at and that means that having dinner together is very difficult to achieve.  But having dinner together should be a daily goal.  If you can’t do it everyday, even hitting 4 or 5 out of 7 days is pretty good.

It doesn’t really matter what you are having to eat for dinner.  A takeout pizza or ham sandwiches will achieve the same effect as a dinner that has been slaved over.  It isn’t what you are eating that matters but the fact that you are eating together as a family and spending family time together.

Children will often open up to their parents when they are sitting around the kitchen table.  They can sense that they have their parents undivided attention so they will tell things parents that they have been wanting to know.  They might mention that they need something in particular for school or that someone is giving them a hard time at lunch.

This is also a time when parents have children’s undivided attention.  They can take that opportunity to ask them how math class is going or what the best part of their day was.  Having dinner together allows you to hear each other’s thoughts and opinions on many various subjects, to laugh together and much more.  It is an important step toward being a close knit family.  It is also building great memories for your children.

Image Credit: Yummy Mummy Club



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