Dealing With New Mom Stress

Every mom you’ve ever met was right; life certainly does change the moment you give birth. Your house is never as clean as it used to be – and when it is, it’s because the kids are in bed for the night and it will only last until they wake up in the morning – you are always tired, even if you get plenty of sleep, and you just never have enough time to relax. Add to that the fact that your heart is no longer inside your chest but in the form of a tiny little person who you would die for. Parenting is wonderful, but it’s stressful which is why these easy tips will help you cope with the stress of parenthood.

Make Motherhood Your Priority

There are so few things you can control, which is what causes you so much stress. No, you cannot control how many times you change a dirty diaper or how many colds your baby catches over the years, but you can control your ability to be a good mom. It helps to focus on being a good mom instead of all the things that you cannot control. Focus on educating, loving, nurturing and making your baby happy and you’ll be a lot happier yourself.

Have Goals, But Make Them Small

You cannot promise yourself a solid 9 hours of sleep each night but you can set a daily goal of taking 30 minutes to yourself. Put your husband on baby’s bath duty or let him handle the evening feeding while you head outside for a nice long walk. Getting out of the house and having a few minutes to focus solely on yourself will ease a lot of stress and anxiety.

Maintain a Social Life

Yes, it’s important to maintain a routine with a new baby, but you cannot forgo social gatherings or even errand running forever. Make it a point to get out of the house with the baby every so often. You can deviate from schedule from time to time. There’s no rule saying you have to abide by naptime every single day.


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