Controversy: Introducing Your Children to Your New Love

Who doesn’t love a little controversy? It makes life more interesting. On that note, there are a lot of things that are often controversial, meaning that there isn’t really any right or wrong answer just a bunch of highly personal opinions. One such controversy is the great debate surrounding single parents and the act of introducing their kids to their new man or woman. Personally, I don’t think parents should go introducing their kids to every person they have a date with, but I’m also not in that situation so I try not to judge so much as assume that every parent knows what’s best for his or her child.

Don’t Introduce Your Kids Too Soon

Only you know what’s right or wrong for your child. However, it’s probably not a good idea to introduce your children to every single person you date. Since you don’t know if date number one is going to turn into date number two until you are asked for date number two, you might not want your kids to meet and form an attachment with someone you quickly realize is not the kind of person you want to get serious with.

When is it Right?

Again, only you know when it’s right and that’s the best way to handle this particular controversy. However, parenting experts agree that you will know when things are getting serious between you and your new man/woman. When things are serious and you are spending a significant amount of time with this person and can imagine a future with him/her, you might consider bringing your two worlds together into one. You’ll know when it’s right.

What If My Kids Don’t Like my New Man/Woman?

It can’t be easy to be a single parent. And it can’t be easy to be a single parent whose finally found happiness only to realize your kids hate the person you’ve fallen for. You know your kids. You should trust their instincts. However, you shouldn’t dump a person immediately because you kids don’t like him until you find out whether they don’t like him for a valid reason or simply because they’re mad that you brought someone other than their dad home when they secretly harbored a fantasy that you’d work things out with dad and get back together.


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