Christmas Tradition Ideas for Your Entire Family

Christmas is right around the corner. In fact, it’s next month. That means it’s going to be here before you know it. With the hustle and bustle that comes with family gatherings, Christmas parties, church activities, school activities, shopping and all the other things that happen at Christmas, don’t forget that you should be making your own Christmas traditions with your family. These traditions are things your children will forever remember, which is special to everyone’s heart.

Introduce Elf on the Shelf

You’ve heard of it. You’ve seen the ideas on Pinterest. It’s time to get your own Elf and bring him to your home on December first. Your kids, especially your small ones, will adore this new Christmas tradition. They’ll form a bond with this little elf, always excited to wake up and see what sort of mischief he’s managed to get himself into now.

Christmas Eve Tradition

Your kids, if they’re anything like I was as a child, probably beg you to open a gift on Christmas Eve because they just can’t wait another few hours until Christmas morning. Do something special this year. Buy the entire family matching Christmas pajamas and a Christmas movie. Wrap everything and let them open the gifts on Christmas Eve. Once you’re all decked out in your new pajamas, pop in your new movie and make a tradition of watching it every Christmas Eve.

Make a New Ornament

A family ornament is a great way to carry on tradition throughout the years. It’s fun to see how much your family ornament changes over the year. Perhaps there are a few more names as the years go on. There will definitely be more talent and creativity as the years go on. It’s a simple, sweet tradition that your family will enjoy no matter their ages.


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