Child-proofing Your Home the Right Way

When it comes to being a parent and keeping your baby safe, it’s a good idea to realize that no matter how much baby-proofing and child-proofing you do, you will never, ever make your house completely safe for your kids. There is possible baby danger around every corner and lurking in every room, and nothing is as safe for your child as good old fashioned eyesight from dear old mom and dad. However, it will help you to know that there are three big mistakes many parents make when it comes to keeping your kids safe; and you can prevent your family from making the same mistakes.

Medication Safety

Baby experts recommend taking your own medication, even if it’s just a midol for period cramps, away from your kids as a child-proofing method. When they see you eating or drinking or swallowing something, it becomes an obsession for them. They want what mommy and daddy are having, and they might do whatever it takes to get it. Don’t underestimate the intelligence of a one-year-old who sees you put medication in a high cabinet. She’s smart enough to push a dining room chair over there and climb onto the counter – trust me, mine’s done it.

Monitor Placement

In attempting to keep your baby safe, you might be putting him in danger of being strangled. When you place your monitor at the edge of the crib, he can reach the wire and accidentally strangle himself with it. I know you want to see your baby when he’s asleep, but you need to find a shelf far away from his crib to put the monitor. You might think child-proofing means keeping an eye on your baby when he’s asleep, but it’s not if you leave the cord within reach.

Pots and Pans are Not Toys

It seems pretty harmless to let your baby bang on the pots and pans – after all, why would they want to play with all those expensive toys you purchased when they can beat on your cooking items? However, when yours kids begin to associate your pans as their toys, it makes it more likely that they will reach up onto the stove to grab them when they want to play. This can be very dangerous if that pot or pan is hot or full of hot food.


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