Helping Your Child Through Feeling Homesick When They Are At College

Being homesick is a terrible feeling. If you have ever been homesick, then you will have sympathy for anyone who ever feels this way.  It is not uncommon for college kids to become homesick at about this point in their first year away from home.  The newness of all of their classes has worn off as well as the novelty of being away from home for the first time and they are suddenly homesick.  What is a parent to do?

There are actually a lot of things that you can do to help your child cope with feeling homesick.  Staying in frequent communication is a good way to help them deal with their feelings of homesickness.  You want to give your child their space to make new friends and form their new life while they are away at college but you also want to be available when they need you.  Call occasionally to check in on your child but make sure they know you are always happy to hear from them and they can call you any time they need to talk.

Make plans for their upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas break.  Making plans will give them something fun to anticipate and change their thoughts to a more positive mindset.  Instead of moping about being away at college, they may feel reenergized to push through the rest of the semester for the fun that is waiting on them.

Another thing that you can do is send them a care package.  A care package is basically a collection of a lot of different things that convey the message that you are thinking of someone.  You could choose a variety of things to put in a care package for your college student to let them know you are thinking of them.  School supplies, treats that you know they love, maybe some accessories or a favorite fragrance would be good choices.  It is a way to try to send them some cheer and let them know that you are thinking of them.

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