Definite Signs That You Should Change Pediatricians

If you have ever wondered if you should change pediatricians, it is a thought worth giving serious consideration to.  After all, you are trusting your pediatrician with your children, who are more important to you than anything.  It only makes sense that you want them to have the best pediatrics care.  There are many reasons that you might want to change where you go for pediatric care, these are some of the more common reasons.

First and foremost, you should change pediatricians if your pediatrician commonly misses things that are wrong with your child or misdiagnoses them frequently.  We cannot expect our pediatricians to be perfect; after all they are human.  But we can expect them to be on top of their game and for a miss or a misdiagnosis to be a very rare occurrence.  If you find that you are scrambling to get your child into an urgent care center or ending up at the ER after a visit with your pediatrician more than once or twice in several years, there is a definite problem.

Secondly, if you cannot get your child in to see the pediatrician when they are sick, you may need to change pediatricians.  Of course, you may not be able to get in within the hour of calling for an appointment.  But you should be able to get in to see your pediatrician within a 24 hour window when your child is sick.  If it takes longer than that, you need to consider a change.

If the pediatrician is rude to either you or your child, that is unacceptable.  You have the right to expect compassion and kindness from your pediatrician and their staff.

Your relationship, and your child’s relationship with your pediatrician is very important.   You have the right to good care for your child.

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