Hey Parents: Your Kids Eyes are Red Because of Pee in the Pool, Not Chlorine Says CDC


As we welcome in another summer the CDC decided to drop a bombshell on the American public.  Something that we all feared but probably something that we all knew deep in our hearts as well.  So we know the whole “water turning purple in the pool because of urine” is a total myth right?  Movies try to play it off like it’s an actual thing but we know it isn’t.  So some of us have no actual fear of urine in the water. “Oh the chlorine just flushes it out,” some may say.

Not anymore.  According to the CDC, “Irritants in the air at swimming pools are usually the combined chlorine-by products of disinfection. These by-products are the result of chlorine binding with sweat, urine, and other waste from swimmers.”  Yes you read that correctly.   There’s a reason your kids eyes get red in some pools and not in others.  And now it makes even more sense that your kids’ eye gets even more red in indoor pools.

The irritants tend to be stronger in indoor pools, where they can contribute to poor air quality. The lack of air circulation can cause further irritation for swimmers, such as red eyes and stinging. The CDC says that keeping doors and windows open allows for better air circulation. Swimmers are advised to shower and use the restroom before getting in the pool to decrease the formation of irritants. It is also recommended to conduct regular swimming pool cleaning to keep the pool clean and safe.

So remember kids.  The next time it’s really red eyes in the pool,  chances are someone peed near your kid.  That or something even worse.  Remember, chlorine is a good thing!  Just not when mixed with a dirty diaper or underwear or God knows what else.


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