Build A Better Relationship With Your Teenager For A Happier Home

It is difficult when you are parenting a teenager, both for you and for them.  The years when your child becomes a teenager are challenging because they almost become a different person.  Truly, they are becoming their own person.  They want to be heard and seen and respected as such.  Unfortunately they do not always have the maturity it takes to be treated as an adult.

So how can you build a better relationship with your teen?  The first thing you can do is listen.  They have things they want to say and will only talk when they are willing to so it is wise to take this as a reminder and stop what you are doing when they want to talk to you.

They want to have their own life, so let them.  Allow them the freedom to do their own thing and develop their own interests but do so with caution and a good dose of supervision.  If they want to go to a friends party, understand they just need to be with kids their own age.  Of course you want to meet the parents and verify they will be present at the party but let go within reason.

Make your home teenager friendly.  The best way to know what is going on with your teenager is to have the house all the kids the age of your teenager want to be at.  It’s good to let them go out and have fun but it’s even better if they are happy and content at home.  Making sure they know that they are able to bring friends home and that you have a place for them to hang out with their friends is beneficial.  Keep your home stocked with teenager friendly snacks and drinks and they will be sure to come.

Building a good relationship with your teenager is a process.  Just keep at it.


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