Boppy Pillows that Will Make Your Baby Feel Like They’re Lying on Cloud Nine


Boppy pillows are a parent’s lifesaver. Whether you have one child or multiples, you’ll find that this pillow is the one thing you’ll use over and over again, and for long periods of time. The boppy is perfect for nursing, feeding, tummy time, propping baby up and napping. If you don’t have one for your little one (or ones), it’s time to invest in this inexpensive (most are under $100) pillow for your own comfort and the comfort of your baby.

Boppy Luxe Pillow Monkey Around

This luxe boppy pillow is made with a plush slipcover instead of the standard cotton slipcovers. This makes it just a little more luxurious and comfortable for baby (and mom). You can slip this cover right off by unzipping it so you can wash it anytime you need. It’s perfect for support while feeding, learning to sit and even learning to love tummy time. You can pick one up for $49.99 at Babies R Us.

Boppy Bare Naked Pillow

This lovely boppy is designed very similarly to the Luxe pillow in that it is ergonomic and beneficial to your baby for a long period of time. This boppy pillow can be tossed right into the wash to ensure that it’s always clean and perfect for your little one. Take the time to choose from several different covers that slip and zip right on and off, from plush to cotton and everything in between. This pillow is available at multiple retailers for only $39.99.

The Twin Z Boppy Pillow

You can buy it directly from Amazon for $99. This boppy pillow is the best for multiples. It’s soft, plush and supple. It’s essentially two boppy pillows in one with special covers. It allows you to feed twins, prop them up, sit them down, and lay them down for a nap. Toss a soft blanket over it to keep your little ones from slipping down into the pillow as newborns and they’ll feel that they’re napping on a cloud.

(Photo by Danny Martindale/Getty Images)


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