Bonding With Girls: Tips for Mothers with Daughters

As the mother of two little girls, I’m always worried that I’ll mess up somewhere down the line and my girls will grow up thinking I’m one of those horrid mothers that they cannot wait to get away from. While I fully expect to make mistakes and to embarrass my girls and even to take a bit of enjoyment from that at times, I want the special bond I have with my girls to stay strong forever. That’s why I am always interested in learning how to do that. From simple mommy/daughter date ideas to ways to other, less typical ways to bond, I don’t think there’s ever a reason not to learn how to bond with my daughters.

Special Days

With two little girls, it’s necessary to spend a little one on one time with each of them. My two-year-old is less interested in spending time alone with me than she is having me interact with her in a hands-on manner. This means that our quality time is often spent at the library or at the park, or in her bedroom reading books or building things with her blocks and legos. For my almost five-year-old, I like to take her on special outings. We like to get manicures and pedicures together. I let her pick a restaurant for a mommy/daughter lunch date, or I take her shopping with me so she can help pick out gifts for others or just things we need around the house. She loves the opportunity to spend time alone with me almost as much I love it with her.

Special Moments

I have special moments with both of my girls, and I think that it’s something special parents should do. For example, my oldest daughter and I race each night to beat daddy and baby sister in the great pajama-wearing competition. We do bath time together, they do bath time together, and we race to see who can get their pajamas on and hair brushed the fastest. We giggle and rush and mess up and laugh and call out taunts to daddy and baby sister, who dish it right back to us. My little one and I have a special bedtime routine in which we sing her a song while she rocks out on her princess guitar and dances.


No matter what, nothing is more important to me as the mom of daughters than to make sure my girls know they are loved. I tell them all the time. I tell them before bed, when they wake up, when I drop them off at grandma’s or when I run to the store and they stay home with daddy. I tell them just because. I tell them when I feel it, in the middle of the day, in the middle of sentence. I tell them. They know they’re loved.


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