Unusual Boy Names that Are Likely to Become Popular in the Near Future


It’s easy to find a name for a little boy that’s wildly popular. After all, you just have to choose a name from the list of top boy names and you’re going to ensure your little guy is in a class of boys with the same few names. However, if you’re not interested in being yet another woman who names her little boy something popular and trendy, perhaps you’d like to choose a boy name that’s a bit more unusual. Of course, we cannot guarantee that your little boy’s name will remain unusual given the fact that names you don’t hear often tend to suddenly pop up everywhere once you decide to use it. However, at the time this was written, these names were very unusual for little boys.


It’s an English name that’s a variant of Andrew. It means brave, and it’s a name that you do not often hear. It’s one that means many different things in many languages, but it’s not something that’s used commonly all over the world. In fact, it’s not a name you hear often as a first name. It’s more commonly referred to as a surname.


It’s a French name that means to stutter. The meaning isn’t one that’s overly flattering, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a name worth using. In fact, the name is admittedly very strong sounding and masculine, and if we could make a prediction, it’s that this name will become a more popular one as the years pass. It’s masculine and a bit different without being too off-the-wall, which is what most people are looking for when choosing an usual name for a little boy.


The other version of this name, Corbin, is actually a very popular name at the moment. However, this version is a bit more unusual. You will not see this name spelled this way often. It’s a Greek name that means “devoted to God,” which is why those who choose to use this name are typically a bit more religious than others. It’s a strong name that was made more popular than ever by the High School Musical Star Corbin Bleu, but it’s still not a commonly used name.


The name is Indian, and it means to awaken. It’s a commonly used name in India, but the variation hasn’t become too popular in the western culture just yet. This is another name, however, we predict will become even more popular here over the coming years, which means using it at the moment might be unusual, but using it in 5 or 6 years might mean it’s a bit more popular.


Enoch is a Hebrew name that means dedicated and well-trained. It’s a name that was once very famous in the distant past, especially in other countries. However, it’s become less and less popular as the years have passed, making it a name that isn’t commonly used any more when it comes to naming little boys. However, it’s the perfect name for a boy if you’re looking for something strong and masculine, but not something cookie cutter and in the norm. It’s also unlikely to become a majorly popular name anytime in the near future.


This is a very popular name in Africa. It means man of wisdom, which means many boys over in Africa carry this name. In America, however, it’s nowhere near as popular or as famous. That’s what makes it such a unique name. Aside from the slightly exotic feel of the name, it’s also one that has some distinct features that include many different meanings though the man of wisdom meaning is the most popular. This is a unique name you won’t hear again.


It’s a variant of Max, but in a much more unique and fun way. While Max is often short for Maxwell, Maxton is different. The name is strong and powerful, and it has a ring to it that makes you think of the kind of man who will run a major company, work for himself or make a big name for himself. It’s the kind of unique name you choose for a little boy you want to be different in a way that’s a bit powerful and interesting.


It’s one of the most famous, most prestigious Ivy League Universities in the world, and it’s also a very unusual name for a little boy. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not the kind of name people do use for little boys. This name means many different things, including the principal one. It also has an educated ring to it. The name Princeton is one that is used more frequently in other countries, and very infrequently in the US. What this means for you, however, is that your little boy is likely to be the only one with this name throughout his school career.


It might mean small, but it’s anything but. This unusual boy’s name has a meaning that’s Celtic, but it doesn’t have to mean small. It’s a strong name. It’s often used as a surname, but many people in other countries choose to use this name as a first because it has a great unique ring to it. It’s the kind of name that sounds as if it belongs to a very self-confident man and a very intelligent boy. Since many people choose names based on how they sound and what they think of when they say the name, these are all good things.


This is a name that is used commonly in Africa, and it’s a gender-neutral name. When used in the US, however, it’s a name that’s a bit more male-oriented. It’s not commonly used, but it does happen that you might hear the name from time to time when you’re in a bigger city with more ethnic populations because it is so very common in Africa. This name is powerful and strong, and it’s often used on males who end up becoming leaders in their tribe, industry or family.

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