The Most Popular Southern Boy Names

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Being raised in the South isn’t something everyone appreciates until they’ve been here. There’s a feeling of community, of respect and of family in the South; and our food is amazing. Being raised a southern gentleman means being raised the right way. Southern parents (most of them) teach their boys to respect women, to stand when a woman enters the room or leaves the table, to hold doors and to speak with kindness and manners. And a good ol’ Southern name is just icing on the cake when it comes to raising the right kind of Southern boy. If you’re looking to name your boy something perfectly southern, take our advice and choose one of these sweet names.


The name Michael is one of the most common and most popular in the world, but it means humble. Those with the name Michael tend to be very receptive to beauty and they strive for harmony and balance. They like things neat and tidy, they like sturdy careers and a desire for peace in their lives. They’re also very positive people who enjoy the finer and more beautiful things in life.


The name Ethan is used frequently in the South, and it means strong. Therefore, it is literally a strong name. Those who live their lives with this name tend most often to be very creative people with an exceptional ability to express their feelings in a very diplomatic manner. They’re also bold and strong, and they enjoy the spotlight and attention when it’s on them.


The name Noah was made popular in the Bible, and it means repose. In the South, Noah is one of the gentlest names there is for a boy. The vast majority of people with this name are quiet and thoughtful, they’re kind and considerate and they’re respectful. It’s part of the reason this is such a popular name in the South. This is a boy that will grow into a trustworthy man with good morals.


The name means worker in stone. It’s a Southern name that’s gentle but masculine, sweet and kind and definitely manly. Your son will grow up proud to carry this name, and perhaps it will encourage him to rise to the occasion of having such a great name. The meaning behind the name Mason is that of a quiet boy with deep thoughts, intelligence and a desire to learn as much as possible about the world.


Those who have the name James are very creative and prefer the arts to many other things in life. They are creative and good at enjoying themselves, and they are the kind of boys who grow into lovely men. The name means supplant, and it’s derived from a Latin term that was popular many years ago.

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