The Most Popular One Syllable Boy Names of 2014

Boy Names

Finding a name for your little boy that everyone in the family loves is often more complicated than you might think. Little boys are special, and they deserve a name that has special meaning. More often than not, some of the most popular names for little boys have only one syllable, and that’s something parents love. These are the names that are typically classic names, names that sound presidential, strong and masculine. If you’re looking for a strong, solid name for your little boy that contains only one syllable, you might want to choose one of the five most popular little boy names in the world.


It’s the thirteenth most popular name for little boys in 2014, and it’s the most popular one syllable name on the list of 100 top boy names for the year. This is a name that is commonly used as both first and middle names, and it’s a strong and masculine name. James has been popular for decades. It has a sound that’s refined, elegant and sophisticated, but it’s also a name that’s sweet when associated with a tiny baby boy.


One of the most popular little boy names from the Bible, John is a name that’s been around for centuries. It’s been popular for just as long, always faring well and standing the test of time. In 2014, John was the 27th most popular little boy name in the world. It’s also almost always on the list of most popular names in the world, and it’s also the kind of name that has very rarely ever fallen off this particular list of popular names.


Luke is another very popular boy’s name, and it’s also from the Bible. It’s the 34th name in the top 100 boy names of the year, and it’s also popular due to pop culture. Luke became more popular than ever in the 70s after the Star Wars films began being released. The name was one that suddenly went from far down the list to the top of the list and has remained a fixture ever since. Few people can pass up the opportunity to breathe heavily while saying, “Luke, I am your father.”


It’s sweet, simple and it’s a great one syllable name for a little boy. It’s strong and masculine, it’s powerful and it’s strong. When you envision a Jack, you see a man who is afraid of nothing, who works hard and who accomplishes what he dreams of accomplishing. It’s a kind name that has no pretention whatsoever, and it’s the kind of name that many people find irresistible when it comes to choosing for their little boys. It’s fortieth on the list of most popular little boy names.


Often short for Elijah, Eli is a name that many people are taking as a whole without bothering with the entire name. Eli makes it into the top 50 on the list of most popular boy names of 2014, coming in at number 43. It’s a very soft name with a tender sound, and it’s used often on little boys more so in the past decade than any other.

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