Most Popular Baby Girl Names That Start With S in 2014

Baby Girl

Every new mother or mother-to-be spends countless hours agonizing over her baby’s new name. Even if you don’t think you did or you will, you did and you will. You worry that someone will make fun of her, you think about all potential nicknames that mean kids can derive from the name you chose, you consider its meaning, you wonder if there will be 10 kids with that name in her class and you may even skip over great names because someone else has that name and you do NOT want your kid to end up like that! Names are a special kind of issue for many parents, but they don’t have to be. There are thousands of names you could choose, and there are many more popular than others. In fact, the most popular little girls’ name of 2014 begins with an “S” and it’s inspired us to look at the top five most popular “S” names for little girls and where they fall on the top 100 most popular girls names of the year.

Sarah – 48

Believe it or not, Sarah is one of the top girl names of the year. It’s an old-fashioned name that’s been popular for years. I’m 31 and I spent my entire life in school with at least a half dozen Sarahs at a time, and the name hasn’t lost any of its popularity in that many years. The name is Hebrew and it means Princess or lady, which is part of the reason it’s such a popular name. It’s completely feminine and lovely, and it’s also the name of the wife of Abraham in the bible.

Scarlett – 42

This is a name most people didn’t think they’d ever see on the list of most popular little girl’s names, particularly since so many people associate it with the Scarlet Letter, which has a negative connotation. However, the deep red color makes a lovely name for a girl, and it’s one that many parents use regularly. Actress Scarlett Johansson helps to make the name popular by being the only one with the name in Hollywood at the moment. Additionally, it’s a classic name that sounds elegant and chic, which is what many parents are looking for.

Savannah – 37

The beautiful city in the south, Savannah is a lovely name. It was, at one time, considered a much less common name, but it has grown so much in popularity that it’s now one of the most popular names in the world. Most people associate the name with a lovely old city surrounded by water and old oaks, shaded streets and southern hospitality. In all honesty, you couldn’t ask for more from a name than the ability to envision such beauty.

Samantha – 29

Samantha is another “S” name that’s been around for generations and hasn’t seemed to lose any of its luster. The name means someone who listens well, which might indicate that parents who give their children this name have high hopes for their kids’ listening skills. We don’t know if it’s true that girls named Samantha listen better, but we can say that if it does work, the name is going to become even more popular over time.

Sophia (and Sofia) – 1 (and 13)

Found at number 1 and 13 depending on the way you want it spelled, Sophia is the most popular name in the world for little girls at the moment. It’s soft, feminine and it’s a name that’s been around for centuries. Many a lady has gone by this name, and it’s translated so well throughout history that it always manages to come back into fashion for years at a time.

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