Old Fashioned Baby Names are Back in Business


Whether you are pregnant or hoping to welcome a baby in the near future, you will have a time finding a perfect fit for a baby name for your little one. It’s a thoughtful and time-consuming process. It seems simple enough; you find a name you love and you give it to your baby. But there are so many things that new parents take into consideration. You have to consider your last name (you don’t want to name your kid something that rhymes with its last name, right?) and your other kids’ names, your family names and even your personal feelings about a name. There is so much that goes into naming a baby that it’s almost shocking people are able to do it. What you’re going to notice this year, however, is that there is a big trend happening. People have begun to fall in love with old-fashioned baby names all over again, and the trendy couldn’t be a better one.

Old-fashioned names such as Hazel and Ava and Henry are wonderful. They are simple and they are not going to make anyone cringe. Your kids will never have to go through life correcting people when they attempt to say their names, and they will never have to experience the confusion that often comes when someone laughs as they introduce themselves. Old-fashioned baby names have a simplistic beauty and a comfortable elegance that trendy, newer names simply do not have. If you’re planning on giving your baby an old-fashioned name when he or she arrives, you will not be alone. A few years from now we can expect to see classrooms filled with children with simple, lovely names that aren’t distracting (dumb) or questionable. Take our advice; if you’re considering a classic name, go for it. There’s nothing more elegant and beautiful than a simple name.

Photo illustration by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images


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