Five Unusual Bible Names for Boys


Sometimes choosing a strong, wonderful name for your little boy means looking for inspiration. One of the best sources of inspiration for baby names is the Bible. So many families choose names from the Bible for their little ones, and for good reason. If you’re looking for something unusual and biblical to name your little boy, look no further.


Boaz is a biblical name that means swiftness. Boaz is the name of Ruth’s second husband, who was very generous in his gifting. The story of Ruth is read in synagogue on Shavuot. For that reason, it’s a wonderfully unique name to give to a little boy born on or around that day.


Addar means mighty one. It’s a strong biblical name for a little boy. It’s from the son of Bela, a biblical king not to be confused with the very popular little girl’s name, Bella. It’s meant to be strong and forceful, and to imply leadership.


Throughout the Bible, you will see many characters with this particular name. It means graciousness, which makes it an even lovelier name. It’s both gentle and masculine, which makes it a wonderful choice for a little boy when used as either a first or middle name.


In the Old Testament, you will find many boys and men with this name. It means dawn or to arise in the early morning. It’s not a commonly used name, which is what makes it so unique. The name could work for either a boy or a girl, as it has a very unisex sound.


While the name means uncertain, which isn’t exactly the kind of meaning you want your child’s name to have, it’s a strong sounding name. Tiras is the grandson of Noah. It’s very similar to the name Silas, which is very popular right now.

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