The Five Most Popular Russian Boy Names

Russian boy Names

There is something very strong about a Russian name. Anyone who announces their Russian name automatically seems strong, masculine and no-nonsense, which is why so many parents choose Russian names for their little boys. There is just a perception that boys with Russian names are more powerful and stronger than boys without Russian names. Whether you’re of Russian descent looking to name your child something that reminds you of home, or you simply love the names, here is a list of the five most popular Russian boy names in the world.


It should come as no surprise that this Russian name means Victor. It’s strong, positive and it’s a very popular Russian name. With spelled with a “C” in place of the “K” it’s more recognizable as a western name, but it does derive from the Russians.


This name is actually Slavic, but it is one of the most popular names for little boys in Russia. The name means defender of the people. This makes it a very strong name. Additionally, the name comes off as sounding a bit mysterious and interesting. It’s another portion of the reason so many people choose to use this name for their boys.


It means the greatest. With a meaning such as this behind it, it’s no mystery why so many Russian families choose to make this name the one for their little boy. It’s the name of several famous Russians, and it’s also a name that’s growing in popularity all over the world. It’s being used commonly in countries outside of Russia for its strong sound and great nickname.


This Slavic name means devotee of Demeter. It’s a name that is used in many countries all over the world, though it’s most popular in Russia. The name is one that is a bit mysterious and edgy, but has a certain ring of sophistication to it. The name is a great one for a little boy, and it also has a number of different spellings that make it a bit different.


The name is probably the most recognizable to those who don’t live in Russia. This is a name that most people think of almost immediately when they are asked to think of a Russian name, and it’s because it’s so popular and so used for little boys in this area. Additionally, it’s a name that means great ruler. With a meaning so meaningful, strong and powerful, it’s no wonder that this particular name is one used so often in Russian and with increasing popularity around the world.

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