Five Great Warrior Names for Boys (And What they Mean)


It’s official; you’re having a baby boy and you want to give him a strong, masculine name. Naming a little boy is easy for some and not-so-simple for others. His name needs to be strong and confident, meaningful and special, but just a little different. He needs a warrior name. These names are a little bit unique and certainly strong, and each one means warrior.


It’s an old English name that doesn’t get used too often anymore, but it’s a strong name for a little boy. Allard means strong and noble and brave. Other popular spellings include Alard and Alhard. It’s not as commonly used today as it was a few centuries ago, but research shows that the name is making a comeback.


Baron is a strong, masculine name that means young warrior. It’s derived from old English and German languages. The name Baron means not only young warrior, but royalty as well. It’s a title given to men in the royal lineage that’s similar in nature to titles such as Duke.


Finn is a name derived from the Irish. The name has become increasingly popular every year since 2012, and it means warrior. In mythology, the name Finn was the one had by an Irish hero from centuries ago. This particular Finn was the Robin Hood of his day, stealing from the rich to take care of the poor.


From the Old English language, Malin is defined as a young, strong warrior. It’s also popularly spelled Mallen, Mallin and Mallon. While it’s more commonly used as a surname, this warrior name is becoming increasingly popular as a first name.


The name Sloan means man of arms, warrior and it stems from the Irish. When spelled with an “e” such as Sloane, it’s more commonly used as a feminine name in London. Here it’s used to describe a group of strong willed women from the upper class.

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