Five Cool Girl Names and What They Mean


Everyday, everywhere around the world, parents are looking for the hip, unique, or meaningful name for their new babies. Moms and dads of baby girls want a name that evokes femininity, or strength, or specialness, or whatever other positive quality a parent can imagine. “They don’t want their child to be a cookie cutter. They want their kid to have a unique identity,” says Linda Murray of BabyCenter, a San Francisco-based pregnancy and parenting website, as stated on

Retro names have become incredibly popular as well, and certain traditions (i.e. Jewish, Italian) encourage naming babies after family members. Here are five cool girl’s names to consider if you’re expecting a little princess.

1) Piper

Piper is a totally cool, funky girls name. It actually means “pipe or flute player,” but seems to describe a girl with a spunk or fun sense of being. But that meaning makes it a great choice for musical parents. “Piper” cracked the U.S. most popular name list, currently ranked at 98.

2) Isabella

Gorgeous name! And it has an equally gorgeous meaning : “God Is My Oath.” Wow! Powerful, religious-toned, and very strong. This name seems to inspire strength and beauty, as it roles off the tongue sensually. It is currently the third most popular girl’s name in the U.S.

3) Ava

Classic and lovely. Ava means “Like A Bird,” a very feminine meaning for a feminine name. Ava is also incredibly popular (fifth most popular in the U.S.) but still is unique and special-sounding.

4) Zoe

“Life.” That is the meaning of the name”Zoe.” What could be a more appropriate, meaningful, and wonderful name? Enough parents think so that the name is 30th most popular in the country.

5) Mia

The meaning of Mia is both “mine”and “beloved.” Together, those are the two things every baby is to their parents. The name is both cute and pretty, and also exudes a certain energy and confidence. 

Don’t you just love all these names and their meanings?!

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