Five Baby Names Inspired by Disney Villains


Disney has long since been a big part of the world. Its influence on children and their parents is significant, from the way we view love to the way we view those who are not kind. It’s a company that provides a number of life lessons in a fun and creative manner, and it’s the same company that brought us the wonderful song, “Let it Go,” which we have not been able to remove from our brains in the past year and a half (thanks Disney). The company has made princesses and princes famous, and it’s also made some not-so-nice characters become more popular than ever. Sure, we love to hate the big bad witch and the mean stepmother, but we love to play into their characters and their roles when we visit them at Disney and spend time with them on special occasions such as dinner with the princesses at Disney. And these characters have also inspired some parents across the world to name their children – after the villains. It might not be your first pick, but you can’t deny these names are kind of cool.


Most people have already forgotten she was one of Cinderella’s mean sisters, thanks to another blockbuster hit that recently became quite famous, but that’s where the name is most famous. Well, for the moment.


The sea witch tried to take the voice of the Little Mermaid, but Ariel prevailed and managed to get everything she ever wanted out of life, and we love that about her. The name is one that’s pretty common, even if you might not think it is. I actually know two women in real life with this name.


From Snow White, this isn’t a villain so much as it is a villian’s pet. Either way, however, it’s a name that many people chose to bestow upon their children. It’s pretty, and it reminds us more of actresses who made it through their lives without becoming crazed child stars.


A villain from the Aristocats is one that we don’t like, but we do like his name. Perhaps this is because it is very POE-etic (oh, come on, you know that was good). Either way, this classic name is one people are still using quite regularly.


He’s the guy from The Princess and the Frog that sells out the prince in hopes of gaining a little something for himself, but he’s just a mean guy. His name, on the other hand, is a pretty popular one.

Photo by Mark Ashman/ Disney via Getty Images


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