Five Baby Names that Have Been Banned by the Law


Before you start laughing, scoffing and raising questioning eyebrows; hear me out. The government and the lawmakers in this great nation of ours don’t always make the best decisions. There; I said it. I love my country and I support my country, but I think we can all agree that sometimes things get through the government that are a bit questionable (and I’m talking about things like banning yoga pants). We have a lot of happenings around the country and the world that seem pretty important as though they should take priority, but sometimes lawmakers are so offended, angered and crazed by certain things that they just make decisions on the fly. And we’re sometimes okay with that. But other times we have to wonder what on earth lawmakers are doing that they have time to make these laws; laws like the fact that you cannot legally name your child certain things. It’s true; there are names that have been – according to the law – banned. So while some countries have other things going on that probably need their attention, someone, somewhere is making the biggest law choices in the world; baby names so offensive we can’t even use them anymore. Fortunately, the US allows you to name almost any kid you want anything you want. It’s primarily other countries that outlaw certain monikers.


This is a law in Sweden. You cannot name your child Sweden. You cannot name your child Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb111163, either. I did not make that up. Check Swedish law.

Adolph Hitler

Yeah Detroit


Sex Fruit

Each of these names has been banned in New Zealand. I cannot even tell you how close we were to naming our almost 1-year-old twins Sex Fruit and Hitler, so I’m really super glad we chose Carter and Charlotte instead. But that’s all right, because if you have kids you really want to name differently in this country, you can just name them something like Number 16 Bus Shelter, which is a completely acceptable name that was approved for use by New Zealand lawmakers.

To each his own. I mean, seriously.

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