Five Awesome French Baby Names and What they Mean


Naming a new baby isn’t easy for everyone. While some men and women know their entire lives what they want to name their future children, others have a difficult time. Some choose old family names and others choose names they heard on television or in the movies. Some new parents, however, just can’t decide. If you’re someone who loves the French language and culture and you’ve considered naming your baby something French, you’ll love these five awesome French baby names and their meanings.


This traditional and beautiful French name means breath. The name is one that French nobles used regularly in centuries past, as well as current noblemen and women who want their daughters to represent their family with a strong name that means something important to all. Life is not possible without breath, which is why this name is regarded as one of such importance.


It’s a lovely old-fashioned name that came from the French. Odette means wealthy, and it’s the kind of name the French give to their daughters because its representative of class and elegance. The name’s meaning makes it popular for this specific reason. It’s a name that always comes across as chic.


The French use the name Gardner when naming their little boys because it means keeper of the garden. It’s a popular French surname as well as a first name, used more in outlying country towns than bigger French cities such as Paris, where names tend to be a bit more classic and have more powerful meanings.


The name Theron is popular in France and its cities. With a name like this, that means untamed, it is no wonder why people love the name. It’s free, powerful and a bit artsy. When parents choose meaningful names for their children, this one is popular because it means so many different things. It could mean untamed beauty, untamed creativity or untamed patience, and the list goes on.


This lovely French name means tiny and feminine. It’s the kind of name you expect a lovely little girl to possess, which is why parents use this name so frequently. It’s a feminine, pretty name perfect for a pretty little girl.

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