Creative Dad-To-Be Has Launched A Petition To Name His Son “Spyridon”


The thing about parenting is that most of us do it with someone else. I know that my husband and I, with four kids, have tag-teamed this parenting thing pretty well and we’re proud of that. But sometimes parents differ. We do; my husband is more lax than I when it comes to certain things and I am more lax than him when it comes to others. Sometimes we butt heads because we are both right and refuse to see that the other does, on occasion, make a valid point. It’s marriage and parenting; give and take. For the most part, though, we agree on the major things – like the names we gave our kids. I married a man who likes traditional names much like I. When he suggested we name our son after him, I immediately laughed. When he said he was serious, I said no. And then we chose a name we both love (see, compromise). But for one creative father-to-be, the idea of not naming his kid what he wants to name him is devastating. So much so, in fact, that he’s started a petition to get his way.

Nicholas Soukeras and his wife Kseniya are having a little boy, and they are beyond excited. The only issue they face as impending parents is the name they will give their firstborn son. See, both want to name their son after their respective fathers. And while you, like the rest of us, might think that perhaps they could use both names, or flip for it, or something, you have to understand that the choice is one that’s quite difficult.

They could go with the child’s maternal grandfather’s name; Michael. Or they could go with the paternal grandfather’s name; Spyridon. Needless to say, the Mrs. is not quite on board. However, if her husband can get 100,000 signatures from people across the world to name their son Spyridon, she will allow this to happen.

And before you go signing this petition, fun as it might be, remember that this child has to grow up with the name he’s given. And Spyridon, while fun, is a little Hollywood baby and less normal baby.

Photo illustration by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images


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