The Baby Boy Name Luke Means Something Different Than you Think

Ask anyone what the name Luke means and they’ll more than likely give you one of three different answers. The first is that the name is a biblical name with that origin. The second is that it’s an abbreviation from the name Lucas. The third is going to come from a set of people that think they are hilarious when they say it’s from Star Wars and that they are not his father. However, the name Luke means something that most people don’t realize.

What Does Luke Mean?

The name Luke means light. In Greek mythology, the name Luke means light giving. What this denotes is that the name came from Luciana and it’s the name of many a patron saint. For example, Luke is the third author of the New Testament. He is the patron saint of doctors and artists, and he has a long history in all types of biblical and mythological stories.

Who is Luke?

Luke can be anyone. When a parent chooses this name as a name for her son, she might do so simply because she likes the name. She might choose this name because it is a family name. Other mothers choose this name because of its meaning. It’s not all that uncommon to find a woman who chooses the name Luke for her son after a long battle with infertility or many miscarriages or difficulties becoming pregnant or carrying to term. This mom chooses this name because her son is the light at the end of her tunnel, and the name means light.

Luke is a very popular name all over the world. It is currently most popular in Ireland, but it does rank in the top 50 all time boy’s names in the United States. It’s been popular since the 1970s, when the name was made famous by the Star Wars movies.

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