15 British Girls Names American Moms Haven’t Discovered

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No matter how unique the name you choose for your little girl, it seems she’s still going to go to kindergarten with 15 other little girls who share the same name. It happens all the time. The names American women feel are unique and special end up being on the cusp of trendy and all over the place before long. I chose four names for my own children than seemed unique and wonderful until I realized that everyone else chose them as well. Now all four of them will go to school with dozens of other children by the same name. It’s just one of those things, and that’s all right. It does seem, however, that the British seemed to have gotten it right. They choose lovely names that work well for little girls, even if they do seem a bit old-fashioned, and we could take some advice from them. The British know how to pick a good name for a little girl, and it’s time we take some advice from them and choose one of the lovely names they used that we just haven’t heard of just yet.


It’s such a pretty name, and you can use about a dozen nicknames with this one. How sweet does this name sound when given to a little girl who will likely grow into a stunning beauty with class and elegance? The name sounds elegant, and that’s all that some parents hope to do when they choose names for their children.


We hear it every so often, perhaps on television or in a good book, but how many Imogen’s do you see around here? None; because we have yet to realize that this lovely British name is one that we should be using more of in the states. It’s elegant and sophisticated, and it’s just different enough to make a splash while not so different people will think you lost your mind naming your daughter.


Here is a name that no one considers for a little girl in America. It might be something you’ve heard used on an older woman from a generation that’s much older, but the name is beautiful. It’s sweet and delicate, and it’s a name that’s just absolutely wonderful when you pair it with a newborn baby.


Nightingale, and the Machine; I know. You can’t hear this name without thinking of one or the other. However, the British love this name for a little girl and can’t you just see why? It’s a beautiful name that doesn’t have to be used in full while she’s growing up. You have a number of nickname options with Florence, but it’s just too ladylike to ignore.


We love the name Elsa (please sense my sarcasm living with two girls obsessed with Frozen) and the name Elsa is probably the fastest growing name in the country at this particular moment. However, you won’t find many Elsie’s in America, and that’s kind of sad. It’s a sweet and lovely name that sounds so innocent and so adorable; perfect for a baby girl.


Other than the actress Poppy Montgomery, who has many sisters all named after flowers, this is not a common name in America. It is, however, a name the British love much more than we do over here. It’s pretty, it’s fun and it’s the kind of name that’s just sweet enough for a delicate little flower of a baby.


Imagine my surprise that more people haven’t named their daughter’s Pippa in relation to the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister, Pippa Middleton. People raved more about her after Kate Middleton wed Prince William that I’m shocked there are not more. There are more in the UK, and we predict this name will grow in popularity over here in the coming years.


This is another surprising one. Esme is a name that was made very popular in the Twilight series, but people forgot all about it in place of Bella. Since Bella is so overdone and has been used everywhere by everyone, we suggest using Esme if you’re looking for a sweet name that the British love for their little girls.


It’s cute. It’s sweet. And it’s fun. The name Millie is the epitome of a sweet little girl, and the British use this name regularly when they name their little girls. Not too many American mothers choose this name, though some do use it as a nickname for other names that they do choose in the states.


This is a name that sounds much more southern than British if we are being honest. This is a name that we expect to hear come from Texas or Louisiana or the Carolinas, not from London and the UK. However, we just adore this name and we hope that American women choose to take this one and bring it home.


Elegant is the name Isla. It’s a lovely name that sounds royal, lovely and completely ladylike. That’s why we love it. Isla Fischer is our claim to fame with this name, but it’s much more popular in the UK than it is over here, and that’s always a bit surprising to us.


It’s like Melodie without the “M” if we have to state the obvious. It’s a fun name that also has a ring of elegance to it. This name is very popular among British moms, but we wish it would become more popular over here with American mothers. It’s a great one.


In the past few weeks, I’ve actually encountered two Lottie’s my own age, and I felt that was wonderful. It’s a name I once would have associated with someone’s grandmother, but it’s grown on me over the years. The British didn’t need that kind of help loving this name, and it’s common over there. It has nothing to do with older generations across the pond.


Edith; it’s a name that sounds powerful. When I hear this name I think of someone who doesn’t take any bull, who is immune to nonsense and who is fun-loving but firm enough so that people won’t go out of their way to upset her. She sounds like a CEO; and we need more of that in America.


Yes, it’s the name many grandmothers have, but why should that mean we can’t use it on little girls? The name Beatrice is very common in the UK, and we can see why. It’s a lovely name that has a fun ring to it, as well as being a name that inspires a number of fun nicknames.

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