15 Angelic Names for Your Baby


Choosing a name for your baby is a significant decision, as it will be with them for a lifetime. Angelic names feel beautiful, graceful, and divine, making them popular choices for parents desiring meaningful names for their little ones. Here are 15 angelic names that evoke a sense of celestial wonder and spiritual significance.



Gabriel, a name rooted in Hebrew tradition, translates to “God is my strength.” With its rich spiritual connotations, Gabriel embodies the notion of drawing strength and courage from a higher power, making it a powerful and meaningful pick for parents searching for a name imbued with faith and resilience for their baby. 



Michael is often depicted as a powerful archangel, leading the heavenly armies against the forces of evil. The name means “Who is like God,” and the angel Michael symbolizes courage, strength, and heavenly intervention. Michael’s unwavering loyalty to God and tireless commitment to righteousness make his name a timeless choice for parents.



Meaning “God heals,” Raphael is an archangel known for his role in healing and guidance. Often depicted with a staff or a healing wand, he depicts divine intervention and restoration of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Naming your child Raphael can serve as a powerful confession of faith and a reminder of each individual’s profound healing potential.



Often depicted as a figure of enlightenment and illumination, Uriel, which means “God is my light,” is believed to guide souls toward spiritual enlightenment and wisdom. With a name like Uriel, your child may be seen as a beacon of light and knowledge, inspiring those around them to seek truth and enlightenment in their own lives.



Ariel carries a multifaceted symbolism often associated with power, protection, and bravery. In addition to its meaning of “lion of God” or “lioness of God,” Ariel is also connected to the realm of the angels, signifying celestial guardianship and divine intervention. This name’s rich history makes it a captivating choice for those desiring a name that conveys courage and resilience for their little one.


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Derived from the word “seraphim,” Seraphina embodies a celestial essence of pure light and divine fervor. In Christian culture, seraphim are depicted as the highest order of angels, enveloped in radiant wings. Seraphina’s presence in a child’s life may signify a calling to ems of purity, devotion, and boundless love, guiding them on a path of enlightenment and divine purpose.



Nathanael, a timeless name of Hebrew origin, embodies profound spiritual significance. It means “gift of God” and resonates with God’s blessings and grace, symbolizing the precious gift of life bestowed upon your child. Choosing Nathanael for your baby conveys an aura of gratitude for the wondrous gift of existence and invites a spirit of humility and appreciation for the world’s wonders.



Celestia is Latin for “heavenly” or “of the sky.” The name embodies an ethereal beauty and grace and evokes images of stars and celestial bodies. Celestia symbolizes a child’s innate connection to the heavens, suggesting a destiny filled with light, hope, and boundless possibilities. It invites parents to envision their child as a radiant presence, guiding and illuminating the world.


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With its roots in Arabic, Azrael is profoundly symbolic as the Angel of Death in Islamic and Jewish traditions. Despite its association with mortality, Azrael embodies compassion, leading souls from earthly life to the afterlife with grace and comfort. This name’s deep spiritual significance reminds us of the cycle of life and the soul’s eternal nature.


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Meaning the “beauty of God,” Jophiel is one of the archangels in the Christian tradition, symbolizing beauty, creativity, and enlightenment. The angel is also associated with yellow and represents wisdom and understanding. Choosing the name for your baby can signify a desire for them to appreciate the beauty in the world while also seeking wisdom and spiritual growth.



Zadkiel is a Hebrew name representing the “righteousness of God.” The scales portrayed in his hands depict the godly qualities of justice, mercy, and forgiveness. The name Zadkiel conveys a feeling of heavenly grace and compassion, making it a profound choice for parents who wish to instill values of righteousness and empathy in their children.


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A name that means the “speed of God” or “God is my anger,” Cassiel represents a celestial being associated with God’s judgment and time. Despite the association with judgment, Cassiel is also seen as a guardian of spiritual seekers, guiding them with wisdom and clarity on their journey. This name creates an aura of authority and depth.



In Islamic tradition, Israfil is one of the archangels. Often depicted as the angel who will blow the trumpet to announce the Day of Judgment, Israfil symbolizes the ultimate transition from earthly life to the afterlife. The name Israfil carries an atmosphere of awe, evoking the idea of a celestial being with the power to herald the culmination of human history.



Jeremiel, Hebrew for the “mercy of God,” encapsulates a deep sense of celestial compassion and forgiveness. Believed to offer solace and understanding to those in need, Jeremiel also assists souls in navigating the complexities of life’s challenges. This name carries a sense of reassurance and warmth, reminding any newborn of God’s boundless mercy and grace.



Signifying the “secret of God” or “God’s mystery,” Raziel, in some religious texts, is an archangel who holds the keys to God’s wisdom and knowledge. In Jewish mysticism, Raziel imparts insights and understanding to those seeking spiritual enlightenment as the keeper of secrets. Naming a child Raziel evokes a feeling of reverence for God’s wisdom and inspires lifelong learning and spiritual growth.


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