10 Strong Boy Names for the Warrior in Your Son

Strong Man

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” one of the most famous William Shakespeare quotes in the world, is something many people think when it comes to choosing a baby name. It’s probably true. At the end of the day, a sweet little boy with a kind heart is a sweet little boy with a kind heart whether his name is Killer or Ben. It’s probably true that the name you choose for your child is not going to dictate how he grows up, but we don’t know that for certain.

So with that in mind, many parents agonize over the names they choose for their little boys (and girls) looking for just the right name with just the right sound. And most people are satisfied with their name choices (I mean, how often do you hear new parents saying they love their new baby but they wish they’d named him something different?). One of the most common questions parents-to-be ask is which names are the strongest names for a little boy? After all, we do want them to be strong, kind and brave, so a strong name is what will suffice. Fortunately for you, we’ve rounded up our list of the strongest boy baby names around so you can choose wisely.


It sounds more like a nickname than an actual name, but the name Ace is pretty popular (and continuously growing in popularity) as well as strong. Perhaps the fact that it has such a nickname feel to it makes it seem like a stronger name. When you think of the name Ace, you probably think of an athlete who excels on the field or a guy with sarcastic wit and a sharp mind. Either way, what you get is a strong sounding name that’s perfect for a little boy.


Break it down to Ben and you have a name that just sounds hardcore tough guy. The name is one that’s been used for generations, and it means son. Benjamin is the youngest son of Jacob in biblical terms, as well as the name given to many of the world’s most famous historical figures. Benjamin Franklin is one that comes immediately to mind; and while the strength of this name doesn’t immediately make you think of aggression, it does make you think of someone with strong beliefs and a strong support system.


How can a name that means “Little King” not be considered strong? It’s one of the most commonly used names for little boys in the world, and it has been for many decades. The name Ryan comes across as strong and masculine, perhaps because the first thing people think of when they hear this name is an athlete. Ryan is such a commonly used name that it’s one you hear often, especially at sporting events when names are spoken over sound systems. It’s strong and it’s masculine.


Now, this might go either way for some; some people consider this a softer name for a little boy. As a fan of the ABC series “Revenge,” I associate the name Aiden with someone strong, powerful and a bit devilish – and that’s what makes me think of this name as a strong one. Also, it’s listed on a number of websites around the internet as a strong and masculine name for little boys. And my example here just goes to show that everyone who knows someone by a certain name has a different interpretation of the name than others.


Alexander the Great comes to mind when most people hear this name. For that reason alone, it sounds pretty strong. Alex is another very common name, and it’s always been one that sounds masculine and tough. When you look back on the use of the name in history, it just seems even tougher. There’s just not that much more to say about this exceptionally strong boy’s name.


When you hear the name William, do you not think “The Conqueror” immediately afterward, or is that just me? William is another very common name (and one that always seems to have more II and III and IV after it than others) given to little boys, which is probably the reason is resonates as such a strong and manly name. Will, Bill, Billy, William, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge; it all sounds strong so it makes the list.


Another very biblical name, Jacob is one of the most popular little boy names in the world as well as one of the strongest. Perhaps it’s the concept of using Jake as a nickname that makes Jacob sound so much more stalwart than other names for little boys. It’s a very solid, very robust name that works well with boys that have a number of different characteristics and personality traits, and that’s why we love it.


This Hebrew name literally means solid and enduring, which is pretty self-explanatory when it comes to Ethan’s place on this list. It’s a strapping name with a sort of burly sound to it. It’s also a lovely name that works well on any young man. One of the things we love most about this name is the fact that it’s easy to envision the name being used on a newborn child, a toddler, a teen and even an adult. It’s not the kind of name that only works well for a number of years.


When I think of the name Anthony, I think of Italians. When I think of Italians, I think of strong men with big personalities and fun accents, and possibly a little hint of danger. That’s what, in my own opinion, makes this name sound so strong. Perhaps it’s the common use of the nickname “Tony” in movies about gangsters and men in the mafia that makes this name so strong, but it works, don’t you think?


It’s solid and it’s durable. It’s a name that works from generation to generation. It’s strong and it’s powerful, and it’s a very simple name. There’s nothing about the name Michael that sounds weak or even remote. It’s the kind of name you associate with successful men, and that’s what makes it such a strong name to give a little boy.

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