Is Attachment Parenting Right for Your Children?


Attachment parenting is often misunderstood. Many of us frown upon it, thinking there isn’t a chance we’d ever let our kids be so attached to us. Doesn’t it lead to separation anxiety, anti-social children and a myriad of other issues growing up? Maybe, and maybe not; attachment parenting certainly isn’t right for all children and families, but it is right for some.


The biggest misconceptions of attachment parenting are widespread. Imagine a woman breastfeeding her kindergartener, wearing her baby while she scrubs toilets, and co-sleeps – which is not recommended by medical professionals for children less than one year of age for very important safety reasons — with her child until they’re 10. Yes, there are people who do this (not my preference in the least, but whatever makes you happy), but there are also people who don’t.

Is Attachment Parenting Right for You?

If you feel that holding your baby 24 hours a day is natural and you can’t imagine letting your little one cry for more than five seconds – ever – attachment parenting might be right for you. It’s a personal preference. However, if you’re going to be at attachment parent, you’ll need support. It’s a 24-hour a day hands on job, which leaves little time for anything else. The rest of your life that has to be handled without children (think, showering) will need to be handled in the time your baby sleeps on his or her own, which might not be very often when you attachment parent – babies who grow up like this tend only to sleep when being held or cuddled. A strong support system is going to be the only way you can get this done.

If you don’t agree with these things, you might not want to use this style of parenting. If you don’t believe children should share a bed with their parents, and you don’t think letting your baby cry long enough to use the bathroom is okay, you’re probably not an attachment parent.

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