Are You Modeling The Right Personality Traits In Front Of Your Kids?

Like it or not, your children are bound to pick up some personality traits from you.  It has often been said that parenting is more caught than taught.  The meaning of that phrase is that regardless of what you say to your children they are more likely to do what you do than what you say.

This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending upon what personality traits you are modeling in front of them.  Since you cannot change the fact that they will take their cues from you on how to be as a person then you should give thought as to what personality traits you are modeling.

This is a time to consider what you do and do not like about yourself.  A very quick way to know the answer to that is to ask yourself the question if you would like your children to continue that trait in their own lives?  If it would make you proud then it is a keeper.  If you would be embarrassed if your children acted the way that you do then you should ditch that trait and try to replace it with a better one.

Since your children learning from your behavior is bound to happen you can choose to use this to your full advantage.  What are some traits you want your children to learn?  Good manners, kindness and gratitude are some good traits to model in front of them.  Make yourself pay special attention to being mannerly, kind and grateful and your children will soon be that way as well.

If you are prone to road rage, cursing or yelling when you are angry then you can count on seeing those behaviors repeated in your children.  But you can change that by breaking the pattern now.  Make a resolution to work on your bad behaviors for yourself and for your children so that all of you have better personality traits.


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