Make The Decision As To What Age Your Child Needs A Cell Phone

In this modern age of technology, it can be difficult to make the decision as to when your child should have a cell phone.  It seems as if all of their friends do but what kind of reason is that to purchase one for them?  It turns out there are several factors you can think about to help you decide if your child is at an age where they are ready for a cell phone or not.

The first factor you should consider is if they are away from you or not.  If they are with you pretty much all of the time, then they may not be of an age where a cell phone is actually beneficial to them.  If they are involved in a sport that takes them away from you for practices or games, a cell phone might give both you and your child more comfort knowing they have a link to you if they need you.

How responsible is your child?  If they are constantly losing things and letting things go through the washer without emptying their pockets, then they may not be ready for the responsibility of having a cell phone.  You do not want to purchase them one and have it go through the washer as well or be lost outside somewhere.

Lastly, does your child understand the rules that will come with a phone?  Such as there will be hours when texting is off limits and to use the internet responsibly that may come with the phone model you choose.  If they have displayed mature behavior in matters like this before, they are probably ready for a cell phone of their own.  It is also a good idea to make them aware that having the cell phone is a privilege and it can be revoked if the rules are broken for owning it.

Image Credit: Fox News


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