Advice Parents Want Their Children To Have

If only you knew then what you know now about parenting, children and your relationships with your children. Of course, your mom and dad tried to warn you. Remember the times they told you they hope you grow up and have a daughter just like you or that you’ll understand when you have children of your own. Your parents tried to warn you and now that you have kids of your own, you’ll want to warn them as well. Here are a few things you want your kids to know before they have kids of their own.

Spend Time With Yourself

It’s okay to have “ME” time. If there’s one thing that you might not have realized becoming a parent, it’s that “ME” time is a necessity. Many people do try to make you feel badly about wanting time to yourself. The people who want to be the perfect mothers, the experts; they all have opinions. What you want your kids to know before becoming parents is that it’s okay to have time alone and to want that time alone. It makes you a better parent and it makes you a happier person to get a bit of a break every so often.

Don’t Forget Your Spouse

When your kids become parents, they can’t forget about their partner. It’s important that your sons and daughters understand that they will need to focus on their kids and their spouses. It’s important to still send flowers to your wife or leave little love notes in your husband’s brief case to remind him he’s important to you even though your focus seems to be elsewhere at the moment.

Have Fun

Parenting is something that should be fun. It’s not always fun, of course, but it should be fun as often as possible. Make sure your kids know that it’s important to focus on having fun rather than focus on being perfect, behaving perfectly and being the best at everything.

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