Advantages To Getting Dad To Help With Homework

Many times, the task of homework falls squarely on a mother’s shoulders.  This is not always a good thing.  It is important that Dad be involved with homework, too.  There are many advantages when both parents help a child to complete the work they bring home.  Let’s talk about some of them.

When Dad helps with homework, too, the most obvious advantage is that it takes some of the load off of Mom.  Since mothers tend to usually get the majority of the housework and childcare, having Dad pitch in can help greatly to reduce the stress level she carries.

There are many other benefits, as well.  For Dad, he gets to be more involved with the children and be in their world in a new way.  A Dad in this position will usually have more interest in how their child is doing in school.  They will keep up with what is going on with their child’s academic career more faithfully.

For the child, when both parents help with homework, they will get benefits, too.  They have the advantages of having two parents with two different perspectives help them.  Whatever area one parent may not have as much ease or knowledge with, the other parent may have much expertise in.

This is a partnership between all three parties that everyone benefits from.  Every family has their own system to help with homework.  Some families take night about with Mom and Dad alternating help.  Some families have certain subjects that each parent helps with.  In our house, I tend to help with daily homework and my husband is the project homework person.  Anytime our children have a project, he is the guy they need.  We have learned our areas of expertise and how to work well together to help our children with their homework.

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