A Few Items For Your Pre-Baby Bucket List

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to do everything you want to do in life before you have kids. Your days of having fun and enjoying yourself are not over. You will get to sleep in sometimes, you will get to go out on date nights and with your friends without the kids, and you will able to use the bathroom by yourself again. Having a baby does change your life, but it far from ruins it. A baby will enhance everything you do, but there are a few things you should bucket list before you decide to start your family.

Go On a Wine Tasting

Okay, so you can do this after you have kids. My husband and I just left the kids with their Nana in Florida for five days so we could go to Napa Valley and spend a few days touring the wineries and enjoying some time alone. However, you can go ahead and do this before you have your baby because you’ll enjoy it either way.

Get a Little Adventurous

If your lifelong dream is to climb Mount Everest or skydive, go ahead and do that before you have kids. See, the thing about kids is that they need you to be a lot of things; like alive, for one. It’s not exactly great parenting to put your life at risk – no matter how safe an activity is – when there is a little person depending on you.

Hit Up all the Bars and Restaurants You Haven’t Been To

Okay, so you will get to do this once you have kids. However, if you have kids and a night away from them, you’re never really satisfied with going to dinner. You’ll find yourself occasionally rushing through your meal so you can make it to your favorite department store before it closes so you can shop without children all over you, or some other type of activity.

Enjoy Your Time in the Bathroom

I’m not even close to joking. Enjoy every moment of solitude you have when you are peeing. You will not get this again for a long, long time.


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