3 Summer Activities That Your Kids Will Love

Keeping the kids entertained during the summer is especially difficult. It seems like it should be the easiest season to keep them happy, but it isn’t. They want to swim, it’s raining. They want to play outside, it’s 100 degrees with a heat index of 120 and 100 percent humidity. They want to go somewhere, it rains. They want to do anything, you’re too hot. Frankly, summer is difficult. Without school to keep them entertained, finding fun stuff to do can be a challenge. Here are three summer activities that my kids love to do!

Play in the Sprinkler

My kids prefer the sprinkler to the pool. Perhaps it’s because my husband and I are constantly telling them not to run on the pool deck, or not to jump in near the steps, or because we force them to wear water wings even though they don’t want to. Whatever it is, when we hook up the water hose to the sprinkler or to one of those giant water toys that turns into a sprinkler, the excitement level is insane!

Ice Cream Sundaes

When it’s hot and the kids don’t want to play outside because they feel like they’ll die – thank God, because I feel like I’m going to die – we make ice cream sundaes. It’s a great way to cool off and it’s a lot of fun. We buy a couple different ice creams, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, m&ms, sprinkles, and anything else they decide they need on their ice cream. Then we get busy making a big mess and eating the finished product. They LOVE it!

Story Time

On a rainy day, or a really hot day, nothing is as relaxing, cool and fun as heading to the library for story time. The kids get to hear someone else read them a book while I sit down and get to catch up on my emails or enjoy the story with them – it all depends on the day and the emails!


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