3 Reasons Kids Make Everything Better for Parents

Kids are pretty awesome. Sure, they make you a little crazy most days, but overall, they are pretty awesome. In fact, there is no limit to the amount of amazement and happiness my own children bring to my life, and I assume that those of you who have kids of your own feel the same. Despite their breakdowns, fits, attempts at negotiation and hatred of anything good for them (washing their hair, for instance) kids are pretty good at relieving stress. Yes, they often cause a lot of it, but they certainly know how to relieve it in a matter of seconds.

Playing Games

Nothing beats stress and a bad day quite so much as playing a game with your kids. They cheat, they try to change the rules, they lie right to your face about it all and they claim championship status even though you are out of cards first and they clearly have 4 left in their hand. Nothing makes you relax and feel quite as amused and happy as playing a simple game of Go Fish with your kids.


Kids are pretty intuitive. They may not want to snuggle, sit in your lap, hug or kiss you as often as they grow up, but they seem to know instinctively when you need a big hug or a sweet kiss. Their little snuggles can melt away the stress of any day, anytime.

Their Excitement

Okay, you’re returning home from a hellacious day at the office and all you want is a cocktail and a little peace and quiet. That’s funny coming from someone who has kids. You may not want to deal with them when you get home, but the instant they jump for joy and start screaming in excitement when they see you is enough to melt your heart and improve your day a million percent.


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