15 Things Moms Should Tell Their Little Girls


As the mother of two sweet – sometimes crazy – little girls, I have a long list of things that I want to say to my little girls, and that I think all moms should tell their little girls. Of course, I’m not all moms and I don’t claim that my list is the best one (well, maybe it is in my opinion, but I don’t disagree with other moms who think their list is the best one) and I don’t claim that what I want to tell my girls is necessarily the best advice there is. However, I do think that if I could choose 15 things I consider most important, it’d be these. Read on for a list of 15 things moms should tell their little girls.

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I Love You

All moms should tell their little girls they love them. I tell my girls I love them all the time. Probably 700 times a day. I tell them I love them when I’m happy, when they make me insane (probably because I’m trying to remind myself that these tiny terrorists are people I love) and when it pops into my head. Nothing kills me as much as the thought that my girls might ever question my love for them, so I over-compensate.


Don’t Diet

I hate the word diet. I really hate it. I prefer lifestyle changes. If my girls realize that they don’t have to diet as long as they make healthy lifestyle choices that become a habit and a way of life, I’ll be a happy mom. Eat the ice cream, girls, just do it in moderation. There’s nothing wrong with that.


Smile at Everyone

Never be too intimidated or scared or nervous to smile. The person you’re smiling at might just be too scared to talk to you or too intimidated to attempt to make new friends. Of course, the person to whom you offer a smile might be having the worst day of their life and your smile might be the one thing that brightens their day.


Don’t Take Things Personally

When people are rude, jealous, insecure,  or just plain old not very nice, don’t take it personally. Girls, it has nothing to do with you or your personality. It has everything to do with the other person and their situation.



Nothing is more powerful than knowledge. A love of learning is a powerful tool that will last a lifetime. Life is never boring when there’s something to learn.


Read Books

Seriously, read as much as you can. One day, you won’t have as much time to read as you do right now and you’ll regret all the times you didn’t read. And girls, read a lot. Read so many different books that you fall in love with them all. Mystery, romance, suspense, fiction, nonfiction, memoirs; read it all.


Be You

No one is the world is as cool, awesome and totally fantastic as you. You might look up to other people and wish you were more like them, but those people are looking up to others and wishing they were more like them, as well. Don’t forget that you are awesome and so completely blessed to be you.


Be Kind

Never be mean. Don’t be a mean girl. Don’t exclude others, don’t say anything about anyone you are not willing to say to them personally, and please, please, please learn to keep confidences confidential.


Say Nope to Dope

Never once in my life have I ever touched cigarettes or drugs. I like a good cocktail, but drugs are just gross and you shouldn’t do it. Peer pressure comes from people who don’t respect your feelings and those people are not real friends.


Don’t Try To Fit In

Fitting in is not that much fun. Be yourself, love everyone, and make friends everywhere you go. That’s what’s fun. Don’t conform to some crazy mold that means nothing in the long run.


Enjoy Childhood

There’s plenty of time in your life to be serious and take responsibility, so right now; just enjoy being a kid. Don’t rush time or wish away the years. They’ll pass and you’ll find yourself wishing you were a child again.

Mother and Daughter Enjoying a Video Game --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Be Thankful

Be thankful and appreciative for all that you have. Even if it’s not all that you want, it’s good enough and you should be thankful for it. If you aren’t appreciative for all that you have now, you’ll never learn to appreciate all that you have later in life.


Be Silly

Break curfew once or twice to kiss a boy who means something special to you (kiss….I said kiss. Nothing else because daddy and mommy will probably ground you until you are 78). Skip the last class of the day to head to the beach with your friends. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Be silly and enjoy it. No one is perfect. As long as you make good grades and treat people with respect, there’s no reason not to be a little bit of a rebel now and again as long as what you’re doing is safe and within the limits of the law. I did it. I would be a tiny bit disappointed if you didn’t. These are the things you‘ll look back on and remember with a smile.


Stand Up to Bullies – And NEVER Become One

Whether you are the one being bullied or you witness someone else being a bully, stand up for what’s right. Disrespecting and intimidating and being mean to others for your own gain is never okay. Be the better person. Stay calm. Stand your ground and require that others live a life of respect.


Trust in God

When something is beyond your control or your ability, tell God you’re handing it over to Him. You cannot carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, but that’s exactly what God does. Don’t worry. Put your trust in God’s abilities and be comforted by that. And never question your faith. It’s yours and yours alone.


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