15 Reasons Back to School Time is Awesome


Now that it’s time for the kids to head back to school, you might feel a little nostalgic and sad. Or maybe you are the kind of parent who counts down the days until school begins on your calendar much the same way your kids count down the days until their birthdays and Christmas. Either way, there are a few reasons you should be happy your kids are going back to school. Read on to find out 15 reasons you should be happy to send your kids back to school.


No More Boredom

No matter how hard we try, as parents we can never keep our kids as entertained as we thought. All the fun plans we had for the summer have been used up by the second week of summer vacation and the kids are bored. It doesn’t help that it rains almost every day, making outside time impossible.



One of the best reasons to send your kids back to school without guilt is the fact that they will receive stimulation. They’ll be challenged and faced with new learning curves that will make them think.


Education is Important

Of course you need to be happy to send your little ones back to school so they can receive an education. The smarter they become, the more likely they are to become successful and take care of you when you’re old – or at least be able to afford a nice nursing home for you.


Time With Friends

Don’t feel guilty about sending your kids back to school. They’re so happy to spend time with friends that they don’t have time to miss you. Trust me.


School Clothes Shopping

I know I’m not alone. Shopping is so much fun, and choosing adorable outfits for your little one is no exception. I love back to school shopping! It allows me to bond with my daughter and have some fun together.



Back to school time means back to structure time. No more unknown days. Your kids will know what everyday brings and that will make everyone happier.


Early Bedtime

Maybe now that your kids are back in school you can actually catch up on all that TiVo you have since your kids were up late all summer making you crazy.


Early Risers

I’m much more productive in the mornings than in the afternoons, which is why I like to get up early. However, when I have no plans for the day I tend to feel unmotivated to get up. When school starts, I have no choice and I like it.



The less time you spend with your kids during the week, the more you’ll appreciate them during the evenings and on the weekends.



Let’s be honest here; when the kids are at school, the house is blissfully quiet. Who doesn’t love quiet?



If we’re still being honest here, let’s talk about how nice it is to leave your clean house in the morning and know it will stay like that for longer than 3.2 seconds. That’s what happens when the kids are in school; things stay clean.



If you’re a stay-at-home mom or a work-from-home mom (like me) you can get a lot more accomplished when the kids are at school. The best part about that is that it leaves you with more time to spend with the kids when you get them in the afternoon.


Extracurricular Activities

Kids love extracurricular activities, and since most of those start with school, it’s a pretty good deal all the way around.


Fall is Right Around the Corner

Okay, so August is ending and September is right around the corner. That means it’s time for fall and all the amazing aspects of this time of year that make so many of us so happy.


Gator Football Season

Of course I realize that not everyone is a Gator Football fan (I don’t have to like or understand this, however). But either way, back to school means one thing: It’s time for football season. Enough said.


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